Vintage Western Clothing Has Timeless Appeal

Men and women who love the romance and independence of the cowboy tradition love to dress in vintage western clothing. Retro clothing from the late 19th century through the early 20th century continues to have a strong market in the fashion industry whenever it has a connection to the spirit of the Wild West and the American Cowboy. More than one creative entrepreneur has found a good livelihood selling both original and well as reproductions of the clothing that was popular and worn by American pioneers and cowboys alike during the 1800s.


If an individual wanted to create a business marketing vintage western clothing, there are numerous categories of clothing they might want to offer. These range from ornate suede jackets with fringe popularized by such characters as Wild Bill Cody, as well as frock coats and dusters seen in countless western movies and television shows romanticizing the American West. Other retro clothing that should be stocked in a western clothing store specializing in vintage pieces include vests, pants, jeans, western shirts and fancy decorated embroidered shirts often favored by rodeo riders. Of course, no western clothing collection would be complete without a good selection of vintage cowboy hats and quality leather boots, an essential part of the traditional cowboy uniform.

Although retro clothing in the western style is most popularly worn by individuals living in the western and southwestern states of the U.S., the popularity of this style of dress is definitely not limited to those areas. That is why the sale of vintage western clothing continues to be popular online, both at online stores specializing in this mode of dress in addition to online auction sites where worldwide fans of the Wild West period search daily for items that will complete their wardrobes.

Other popular places to find items of western clothing of vintage eras are at local feed and livestock stores as well as stores catering to individuals who own horses and livestock. Very often area church flea markets and rummage sales will yield some great western wardrobe treasures, donated by someone who is no longer enamored of this historical period. Neighborhood yard sales should be scoured as well for some good bargains on boots, hats and jackets. It’s important to note that many vintage styles of clothing and outerwear are cut smaller than today’s sizes, so be careful when purchasing something that cannot be tried on first. But once you know your exact size, it is easier to purchase both online and sight unseen.


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