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Nothing is better than having a vintage Gucci handbags.  Since 1921, Gucci has been creating handbags and a myriad of styles have evolved since then. So the best brand that offers the finest vintage style handbags is Gucci, of course. Gucci handbags have classic styles that are timeless which makes these handbags in demand long after the style has gone. In fashion, old styles get replaced with new ones all the time but some styles outlast the others. This is when vintage styles are born and Gucci is no stranger to this kind of style. Gucci has its own vintage followers who are in love with the evolution of their handbags.


Choose Gucci Vintage

Fans of Gucci handbags are also fans of its vintage styles.  Every Gucci handbag collection differs from the next but certain classic styles have been retained over the years. If you’re going for the true vintage Gucci look in terms of handbags, it means you’re not conscious about trends but more appreciative of the Gucci style. A lot of true blue fashionistas follow the latest handbag trends and sporting Gucci handbags of the vintage variety guarantees you that you won’t be carrying the same designer handbags like everyone else.

The Vintage Style

When you say vintage you’ll probably refer back to the times of the eighties but nowadays even the seventies and the years before are considered vintage. For instance a 1991 Gucci Hobo bag is very well considered vintage. The reason behind this is that the fashion industry changes styles every year and four for every season in a year. For a fashionista who changes her Gucci handbags seasonally, then a 1991 Gucci Hobo bag is definitely considered vintage. Only the true fashion enthusiast who see fashion as art care enough to keep last season’s merchandise around.

But there is a very thin line between vintage and simply out of style and this is determined by real devotees of fashion.

Finding Vintage Gucci

It’s a challenge to find vintage Gucci handbags. These special Gucci handbags cannot be found in department stores nor can it be found in Gucci retail shops since they don’t keep old items in stock. To find these elusive handbags, fans of Gucci should look somewhere else to get them. These vintage handbags can be found in specialty stores but the supplies don’t last. The best place to find vintage Gucci handbags are online.

But before buying that vintage Gucci handbag it’s best to do some background research. The best way check on the authenticity of the handbag is by asking the vendor for some information about the item including requesting for photos of it. Be a smart shopper and familiarize yourself with the Gucci standard of quality.

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