How to Wear High Waisted Bikini?

Beach season is near, so have you decided about your swimwear? Gorgeous looking swimsuits can sometimes make you feel pressurized. Not all ladies feel confident in wearing the ones with cuts and strips. Talking about the latest trends in swimwear- the high waisted bikini, ladies are again in doubt. Remember that it is not a...

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Are Retro Bikini Flattering?

Bikinis have always made women look beautiful and attractive. They bring out the best of their body enhancing their shape as well as over all look. If you want to flatter a guy or want to look extremely sexy, then no outfit can beat the two pieced magic cloth called bikini. The trend of wearing...

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Where to Buy Vintage Bikini?

Our outfits are getting the modern look, but the old era is inspiring one wear. Here we are talking about bikinis. A great summer wear for the beach is getting inspired by that of the 1950s. Vintage bikini are becoming choice of many girls in now days. High waist, retro style, two-piece swimsuit, these bikinis...

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